Athletic Program 

Rev. 3/2015


Athletic Program Philosophy


Athletics have an important place in the educational process.  Participation in athletics teaches coordination and movement skills, self-discipline, cooperation with others, and competition within a governing system of rules.  Christian sportsmanship is learned and realized through a Christ-centered athletic program that includes the positive attitudes and actions of coaches.  Participation on a St. John athletic team is not a right a student deserves, but is a privilege that is earned.  Generally, regardless of ability level, students should be able to participate and be treated with dignity.  The St. John athletic program will be successful by keeping Christ in the forefront, building fundamentals, and striving for success both on and off the court.


On the B and C team levels, the development of fundamental skills is the major objective. Each child should be provided with the opportunity to strive for success.  Building skills and experience for the future takes place on these teams and participation by all those meeting the necessary requirements is expected.


Skill building and participation are also vital at the A team level, but winning is equally important.  Winning fosters a sense of pride in the team, school, and in oneself.  Winning should be sought after without sacrificing core values.  Players possessing the skills and giving the effort should be awarded the playing time they deserve, according to the discretion of the coach.  Playing time by all should be achieved whenever possible.



Athletic Personnel

Athletic Director (AD)


The Athletic Director is responsible for the activities listed.  The AD may delegate or ask for assistance with activities, but is accountable to the principal for their completion.  The AD should consult with the principal as necessary in the decision-making process.


The Athletic Director will:

  • Schedule all athletic events;

  • Attend all conference meetings;

  • Procure, schedule, and pay referees for all athletic events requiring such services;

  • Coordinate with the cheerleading sponsor regarding the selection and supervision of the cheerleading squads;

  • Procure all materials necessary and arrange for the operation of a concession stand at all home games;

  • Secure volunteers to serve in the following capacities—admission cashier, scorekeeper, timekeeper, supervisor;

  • Inventory and order athletic supplies necessary to the successful operation of the athletic program;

  • Organize an award night to recognize student athletes.

  • Submit mileage to conference and/or S.I.J.H.S.A.A. meetings for reimbursement based on the rate per mile established by the church.




Coaches will be approved by the Board of Christian Education.  The Board may hire paid coaches as follows:  baseball (1), softball (1), boys’ basketball (2), girls’ basketball (2), volleyball (2), track and field (2), cheerleading (1).  The Board will also approve any unpaid volunteer coaches and assistants.


The Head Coach is responsible for the activities listed.  The Head Coach may delegate or ask for assistance with activities from other coaching staff, but is accountable to the

AD for completion of the activity.  The Head Coach should consult with the AD as necessary in the decision-making process.

The Head Coach will:

  • Make sure all student athletes, including cheerleaders, have had their athletic physicals BEFORE THE FIRST PRACTICE.  Coaches may be held legally liable should injury occur with no physical on record.

  • Make sure equipment and uniforms are put away properly or given to the Athletic Director.

  • Remain after practice or games until all team members have been picked up

  • Schedule practice times with the church office. (Practices must not conflict with church or Christian education activities.)

  • Provide the Athletic Director with a list of all team members.

  • Provide the Athletic Director with a list of equipment needed for the next year by April 1.

  • Assume responsibility for travel expenses incurred during regularly scheduled games and tournaments with the exception of the Collinsville and Edwardsville tournaments.

  • Submit travel expenses for unscheduled events such as State Tournaments when prior approval is given by the Board of Christian Education.  Mileage is based on the rate per mile established by the church for transportation to other functions.


Athletic Associations

St. John Lutheran School is a member of several organizations that provide for interscholastic competition for boys in baseball, basketball, cross country, and track; and for girls in softball, basketball, volleyball, cross country, and track.


  • St. John Lutheran School is a member of the Southern Illinois Junior High School Athletic Association (S.I.J.H.S.A.A.) and is therefore subject to its constitution and all rules and guidelines pertaining to it.


  • St. John Lutheran School is also a member of the Okaw Valley Conference.  This conference is composed of public and non-public area schools.


  • The Lutheran Sports Association (LSA) sponsors state level athletic competition. St. John teams may apply to participate in the following:  boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, track and field, cross country, and cheerleading. 


Student Involvement in Athletics


  • Team Configuration

  • One Squad

Interscholastic teams that have only one squad shall be populated in the following manner.

  • The team shall consist of students from grades 5 thru 8.

  • The team shall be chosen by the head coach of that particular sport with input from assistant coaches.

  • The team shall be selected from the eligible candidates based on their ability.  (Athletes from grades 5-7 may be chosen over 8th graders.

  • Two Squads

Male and female interscholastic teams that have both “A” and “B” squads shall be populated in the following manner.

  • The “A” squad shall consist mainly of students from grades 7 and 8.

  • The “B” squad shall consist mainly of students from grades 5 and 6.

  • Members of grade 8 cannot participate on the “B” squad.

  • Members of grades 5 and 6 may, at the coach’s discretion, play on the “A” squad.  Likewise, students from grade 7 may play on the “B” squad.

  • Students may play on both the “A” and “B” squads in accordance with Okaw Valley Conference regulations and S.I.J.H.S.A.A. by-laws.


  • C Team

The development of fundamental skills is the major objective at the C team level.  This should be stressed rather than winning.   Each child should be provided with the opportunity to be successful.

  • The C team will consist of 5th & 6th graders.  Fourth graders may be invited to participate on the C team if more players are needed.

  • The B team coach will oversee the C Team program unless a separate volunteer is approved by the Board of Christian Education.

  • Players not receiving adequate playing time on A/B teams should receive first priority for C team playing time.

  • Eligible 5th and 6th graders should not be scheduled for double practices unless it would occur on a Friday or Saturday.


  • Cheerleading

St. John sponsors cheerleading as an extra-curricular activity not sanctioned by S.I.J.H.S.A.A.  St. John provides for two squads of cheerleaders, whose main function is to promote pep and enthusiasm at basketball games and pep sessions. In addition, cheerleaders may be asked to perform additional functions such as making posters, serving as greeters, and handing out trophies for home tournaments, etc. Attendance at games and practice is crucial. Cheerleaders work under the direct supervision of a sponsor(s).



  • Tryouts for cheerleading will take place in the fall.

  • Students in grades 7 and 8 are eligible to try out for the A team squad.  This squad will consist of up to 6 members.

  • Students in grades 5 and 6 are eligible to try out for the B team squad.  This squad will consist of up to 6 members.

  • If the A team squad does not have enough eligible candidates after tryouts, that squad may be filled with B team members.



St. John will provide uniforms for the “A” and “B” team members.  Uniforms should be kept by the participants for use only at basketball games, pep assemblies, or other sanctioned activities.  Each cheerleader must keep the uniform neat and clean throughout the basketball season.


  • Physicals


All students participating in athletics at St. John are required to have physicals each year.   This examination must be on file before a student may participate in any practice or game.  Students may take part in the sports’ physical program arranged with the Chester Clinic for a nominal fee each summer.  Forms to document physicals are available at the doctors’ office or on line at the Department of Public Health’s website.  The required 6th grade examination does serve as the sports’ physical, but the sports’ physical does not replace the required health examination prior to entry in the 6th grade.


  • Eligibility

Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible to participate in athletic practice and/or competition at St. John.  Coaches and/or cheerleading sponsors and/or administration may suspend an athlete for failure to meet the criteria.

  • The actions and attitude of the team member MUST be those reflecting a Christian character and MUST reflect positively on his or her school.

  • The student must be eligible in accordance with the rules and regulations of the S.I.J.H.S.A.A. and the Okaw Valley Conference.  Players are allowed a maximum of six quarters of total playing time per event.

  • The student must be and remain academically eligible as follows.

    • Possess a passing grade in ALL subjects (i.e. a cumulative grade of “F” in any subject results in disqualification until the next evaluation period.)

    • Possess a combined “C” average in all of his or her core subjects—Religion, Math, History/Social Studies, Science, Reading/Literature, and English.

    • Evaluation will be conducted weekly.  Students found to be academically ineligible will be notified by their respective coaches and will remain ineligible for one week or until academic eligibility has been regained.

  • If the student is absent from school for any part of the day due to illness, the student will not practice or participate in any match scheduled for that day.

  • If the student is absent from school for any part of the day, except for well doctor visits and funerals, the student will not participate in any practice or any match scheduled for that day.

  • If school is cancelled for the day, regular season contests scheduled for that day will be cancelled and rescheduled as appropriate.  If school is cancelled and tournament play would be affected by cancellation, coaches may confer with parents and will confer with the athletic director.  The athletic director will consider this input along with the safety and risk to students and will make the decision to play or cancel.  The athletic director will notify the principal of the decision.  Open gym for non-mandatory practice may be held with the approval of the AD and principal.

  • A player, coach, or official who is bleeding or who has blood on his or her uniform or clothing shall be prohibited from participating further in the game until appropriate treatment has been administered.  If treatment occurs in a reasonable amount of time, the individual will not have to leave the game. The length of time considered “reasonable” is judged by the official.


  • Dual Sports   (created 8/6/13)                                                                                    Athletes may compete in two sports concurrently in a season provided that the athlete fulfills the following criteria. 

  • The athlete must:

  • receive his/her parent's/guardian's permission and present written permission signed by the athlete and the parent/guardian to the athletic director prior to the sport season,

  • determine his/her primary and secondary sport before the first scheduled contest of the sports season,

  • select a primary sport in which the athlete will participate in all scheduled contests,

  • not quit the primary sport and continue to participate in the secondary sport, 

  • maintain academic eligibility.

  • The athlete may participate in secondary sport contests if released by the coach of the primary sport.

  • The athlete may decide that the secondary sport is too much and discontinue participation in it.




Athletic Recognition and Awards

Near the end of each school year, the athletic director will schedule and coordinate a gathering for recognizing athletes.  Awards are presented as follows.


  • Girls Softball and Boys Baseball (A team only)

  • 1st year – Letter and pin (designating sport)

  • 2nd and successive years – chevron bar

  • Certificates awarded to 5th graders


  • Girls and Boys Basketball and Girls Volleyball

“A” team – Up to 12 per team may letter

  • 1st year – Letter and pin (designating sport)

  • 2nd and successive years – chevron bar


  • “B” team sports

  • 1st year – certificate

  • 2nd year (and not on “A” team) – felt patch

  • 3rd year (and not on “A” team) – Letter and pin (designating sport)


  • “C” Team sports

  • Certificates


  • Cheerleading

“A” team – Up to 6 members per team may letter

  • 1st year – Letter and megaphone

  • 2nd year – chevron bar

“B” Team

  • 1st year – certificate

  • 2nd year – felt patch


  • Track & Cross Country

Letter and/or pin

  • Placing in a senior event at any meet with 5 (five) or more teams competing.

  • Earning a ribbon at a conference or regional track meet.

  • Successive awards are chevron bars.

Participants not earning letters, pins or bars receive certificates.


  • Most Valuable Player in each sport

The selection of the Most Valuable Player for a particular sport shall be at the coach’s discretion. The coach may be the one to select the individual, or the coach may allow the players to select the M.V.P.