Over the last several decades I have recorded many of the St. John activities via video tape. I have decided, for the sake of history, to digitize those video tape and archive them for posterity. Te fist four offerings are listed below. I will be adding more as time goes on.

1989 - Bible Dress up Day  - Done in conjunction with the first National Lutheran Schools Week

1989 - Kindergarten Graduation

1989 - NLSW Balloon Release

2006 - Talent Show During VIP Day


2011 Perry Park Center & Bowling

2010 Kindergarten Graduation

2010 Year in Review

2009 National Lutheran Schools Week

2008 8th Grade Class Trip

2009 Christmas

???? Popeye Picnic Project

2007 Highlights National Lutheran Schools Week

2004 National Lutheran Schools Week

2003 - 4 Classroom Tour and 8th Grade Class Trip