Those enrolling in 3-year-old preschool must have reached the age of three on or before 

September 1 

 Those enrolling in 4-year-old Preschool must have reached the age of four on or before 

September 1. 

 Age requirements are the same as the Chester public school district for enrollment in 

Kindergarten. A child must be five years old on or before September 1 to enter Kindergarten. 

Enrollment in the kindergarten class at St. John is contingent upon the results of the kindergarten 

screening given to all prospective students in the spring of the school year. Enrollment is based 

upon the screening results, age of the student, previous preschool experience, and the 

social/emotional development level of the child. The final decision regarding enrollment will be 

made by the kindergarten teacher in conference with the principal. Students seeking enrolling in 

kindergarten after the spring screening date, will be required to participate in the screening and 

receive verification from the kindergarten teacher. 

Parents of pupils transferring from other schools are asked to fill out and sign a consent form 

that allows St. John to request student records from the student’s previous school. Placements 

from other schools will be accepted in placing a child at the proper grade level. 



Based upon state law, the following examinations are required. 

 Physical Exam: Required for all students upon enrollment in Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 6, 

and Grade 9 or for students entering Illinois schools for the first time. Examinations must be 

performed within one year prior to the beginning of school. Should an examination for 

Preschool be performed within one year prior to beginning Kindergarten, the child need not have 

an additional examination for Kindergarten, though there may be immunizations required for 

entrance into Kindergarten. Forms are available in the school office as well as from most local 

doctors. As a result of a change in immunization requirements from the Illinois 

Department of Public Health, beginning in the Fall of 2013, all students entering 6th

through 8th grades must provide the school with proof of having received a dose of TDaP 

(tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis) or with verification of a scheduled appointment to 

receive the immunization. 

 Physical Exam for sports: Required each year for all students participating in interscholastic 

sports or cheerleading at St. John. This examination must be on file before a student may 

participate in any practice or game including the practices for cheerleading try-outs. St. John 

students may take part in the sports’ physicals program conducted by a local doctor for a nominal 

fee each summer. Forms are available at the doctor’s office. The legally required 6th

 grade physical examination also serves as the sports’ physical, but the sports’ physical does not replace 

the required health examination. 

 Dental Exam:

Required for students in kindergarten, second and sixth grade. Examinations 

must be performed by a licensed dentist who signs the proof of examination form. Each child 

shall present proof of examination by a dentist prior to May 15th

 of the school year. School 

dental examinations must have been completed within 18 months of the May 15th


Dental forms are on file in the school office. 

 Eye Exam: Required within one year prior to beginning kindergarten and for all students 

entering school for the first time in Illinois. Proof of the eye exam must be submitted to the 

school office by October 15 of each school year.