New Kid on the Block

   While technically not a new kid on the block, Ms Powley is new to her position as Principal. She is a 2000 graduate of St. John and was the fourth generation of her family to attend. She graduated from Chester High School in 2004 and began her college at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale in August of 2004. Ms Powley began her college career majoring in chemistry, but soon found a love of teaching, and changed her major to elementary education after her sophomore year. She completed observation courses in fourth grade and kindergarten, and her student teaching in second grade, but found a calling for teaching middle school and graduated with middle school endorsements in language arts, social studies, mathematics, and science. Ms Powley came back to St. John as an early childhood aide for one year, and then received a teaching position for a seventh grade homeroom, and middle school math and science. Her plans are to continue teaching her math and science classes.

   Ms Powley completed her Colloquy coursework to become a Called Lutheran teacher and feels it has been amazing to watch God's plan for her life go full circle and lead her back  to walk the halls as a teacher and principal that she walkedas a student many years ago. She feels that she is continuing God's plan for herself and St. John.