Welcome to VBS 2.0

November 27 and 28

Events and activities are the same either day


The Goal of VBS 2.0

with "Lambchop"   



with Mrs. Paul Powley

The Memory Game

with Jill and Lisa

The Lesson

with Ms Rosemary

The Sheep Cupcake

with Ms Rosemary

The Activity

with Hannah

The Song

The Closing

with Pastor Sims

Other Items of Interest

Video clips about Psalm 23:

1A nice reading of Psalm 23:1-3 with video of a biblical-looking shepherd and sheep in the pasture Click here

What is a Psalm? What is their history? How are they organized? How do you read them? Click here

Using hand motions to teach Psalm 23
We found other videos on YouTube purporting to use American Sign Language. This one seems to be loosely based on ASL but is simplified for teaching "hearing" children. Click Here

4.Click HereWe have used this Psalm 23 memorization exercise for our Psalm 23 rotation.  Kids like it