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Read Rev. Gerecke's Story

Rev. Henry Gerecke served as an Army Chaplain during World War II. He was assigned to the war trials of Nuremberg. He served with the condemned prisoners, providing them with Christian counsel, up until their deaths. On July 1, 1950 the Rev. Gerecke became Assistant Pastor of St. John and also Lutheran Chaplain at Menard Correctional Center and Chester Mental Health Center. Pastor Gerecke died in 1961. On August 1, 2010 the Gerecke Memorial Cross was dedicated and lit for the first time.


Listen to Rev. Gerecke's Memories


If you click on the links on the right, you will be able Ifto hear audio files of a talk that Pastor Gerecke gave in Evansville, Illinois several years before his death. You can also right click on the links and save them to your computer. The image (above) is Rev. Gerecke in his uniform, later in life, and the defendants in the Nuremberg trial.


More information on Nuremberg from Wikipedia

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